Hitachi to provide its CBTC system and train set for Singapore’s Sentosa Express


Hitachi has been awarded a $23 million contract from Singapore’s Sentosa Development Corporation (SDC) for a new wireless signalling system and train set to improve the Sentosa Express light rail system.

The company’s communication based train control (CBTC) system uses wireless communication to transmit information on trains’ positions and speeds, which will help the operator to reduce the time intervals between trains and offer a safer journey.

With an automatic train operations (ATO) function, the trains can be controlled by the computer system and it will allow train captains to concentrate on other functions such as managing safety and security on the train.

These improvements will allow Sentosa Express to offer better service for passengers entering the popular island resort located on the southern end of Singapore.

“We are taking various steps to upgrade our transport capacity to enhance accessibility and heighten guest experience.”

SDC CEO Mike Barclay said: “As part of our Sentosa connectivity plan, we are taking various steps to upgrade our transport capacity to enhance accessibility and heighten guest experience.

“We are factoring in the need to prepare for a future growth in visitorship as we continually enhance the offerings on Sentosa.”

Recognised by the European Certification Agency, Hitachi’s CBTC system was deployed on the Chongqing rail transit in 2009 in China and the system will also be adopted on Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh Line 1.

Launched in 2007, Sentosa Express offers access from VivoCity through to Sentosa’s beaches, with stops along the way that allow visitors to disembark at Resorts World Sentosa and Imbiah.

For this express, Hitachi delivered six train sets, signalling and power supply, operating systems, track switches, systems design and integration in 2007.



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