India’s Lemon Tree Hotel deploys NEC face recognition solution

nec india

A Lemon Tree group hotel at Delhi Airport in India has become the first in the country’s hospitality sector to deploy NEC’s Face Recognition Solution.

Deployed with NEC’s partner Target Vision, the solution can match faces appearing on the hotel surveillance cameras to a database list of potential security threats, or through whitelist management, offer customized service to VIP guests.

“We are excited to bring the cutting-edge NEC face recognition technology to the hospitality sector in India through Lemon Tree Hotels, “ said Koichiro Koide, Managing Director, NEC India.

NEC’s says the strength of its face recognition technology lies in its tolerance to poor quality, highly compressed surveillance videos and images.

“Having 26 hotels in 15 cities across India, the safety and security of our guests   is our prime responsibility, and thus, is of paramount importance to us”, said Rahul Pandit, President & Executive Director, The Lemon Tree Hotel Company.

“We thank NEC for partnering with us to provide this innovative security solution to further strengthen our already existing state-of –the art security arrangements at our Aerocity hotels.”



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