Indonesia to combine 3 social welfare cards into one by 2016


Indonesian Coordinating Minister for Human Resources Development and Cultural Affairs Puan Maharani said that the government is planning to integrate three social welfare cards — education, health care and family aid — into one by 2016 to reduce redundancy.

“We’re coordinating to find the perfect timing and how long it takes to manage those three cards. Later, we’re making them into only one card,” Puan Maharani said on Thursday. “I hope the cards can be integrated by 2016. There should be an integrated action and coordination from the related ministries.”

“We’re coordinating it now, and of course it needs time for transition. We need to bring together all related ministries and institutions and come up with a proper mechanism and regulations. The government has been aiming for an integrated card,” Puan said.

The government hasn’t discussed whether the proposed consolidation will result in having an electronic identity card or a separate card.

“We haven’t decided the form of the card, whether it’s going to be one separate card. There hasn’t been a special institution for the cards, either. It’s all still under the coordination process,” Puan said.

(Jakarta Post)


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