Nasa to work with South Korea to improve air traffic management


The Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement (KAIA) has signed a memorandum of understanding with Nasa to develop advanced air traffic management technologies for the benefit of passengers and citizens of both nations.

The two countries are working on the advancement of air transportation automation for the benefit of the aviation industry under the Next Generation (NextGen) Air Transportation System in the US and the National Air Traffic Management Reformation and Enhancement programme in South Korea.

The agreement was signed between Nasa’s associate administrator for aeronautics research Jaiwon Shin and KAIA president Jaeboong Lee.

According to the agreement, the terms and conditions for different activities related to air traffic management will be worked upon for the mutual benefit of the global aviation industry, said Nasa.

Shin said: “The US and South Korea are close allies and strategic partners.

“Our ability to work closely together will benefit each nation by optimising air transportation operations to reduce delays, fuel consumption, noise and emissions in airspace operating conditions.”

Lee said: “We are grateful that the Korean organisations are coming together to advance air traffic management to have impact both here in Korea and globally.”

KAIA was established in 2002 to contribute to the advancement and promotion of the development of infrastructure technology.

The US and South Korea have been actively working together to improve the passenger experience of people travelling from both the countries. Recently, the ministry of land, infrastructure and transport announced that air passengers travelling for the US from South Korea’s Gimhae International Airport in Busan will be exempt from a last-minute security inspection from next month.



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