Security China 2014 recap: Legrand finds opportunities in China’s aging society


When it comes to video doorphones, Legrand is a name that is more than familiar. While the residential sector is a key market for them, in China, Legrand has found new opportunities in China’s aging society, according to Marco Wu, Deputy Strategy Marketing Director at Legrand Electronic Products in China.

With more and more elderly in China, the need for elderly care facilities, or convalescent homes, has gone up, creating new opportunities for companies like Legrand. To meet this need, Chinese developers are building more small communities for at-home elderly care, as well apartment complexes for the elderly. As a result, Legrand has put special resources into R&D to learn more about this market as to better address their needs. However, Wu pointed out that nursing homes are still considered a new market in China and property developers are still not yet very knowledgeable about it. Therefore, Legrand works with developers to give them advice and share their experience to make sure they get the proper solution.

Similar to other multinationals in China, Legrand also sees the need to localize products for the local market. By adding functions that better cater to Chinese tastes and behaviors, Legrand hopes to establish itself as a major supplier for this market.



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