CILF2014 recap: Unitech Technology makes splashes in home automation


Unitech Technologies, exhibitor of CILF 2014,  makers of video door phones and intrusion alarm systems, has expanded into home automation in recent times, bundled together with intrusion alarm systems and intercoms, creating total solutions across all aspects of residencies. Founded in 1979 in Taiwan, Unitech now manufactures a wide range of mobile devices, handheld PDAs, industrial tablets, RFID readers, and integrated smart home devices.

According to Edmon Yeh, Business Development Manager for Unitech, the company looks at residential security needs from a smart home point of view, with control and convenience as an emphasis. With everything from lighting control, door phones, curtain control, appliance control, sensor alarms, intercoms, and A/V home entertainment, Unitech delves deep into home automation and IP systems. Focusing on new construction projects, Yeh explained that retrofitting of older buildings occurs very rarely, as most existing intercoms and video door phones are actually part of the building’s existing system, and thus are considered to be public property, not private. As a result, it is very difficult for residents to upgrade their existing systems. “We mostly work with construction companies. Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and Taiwan, all the same. Construction is the way to go.”

As Yeh said, one of the trending products that the company has seen a rise in is the demand of high-tech, yet fashionable intercoms and door phones. Users also look to upgrade both software and hardware, creating a modern and convenient solution that caters to user needs and demands.


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