SnapAV opens first international office in Taiwan


Charlotte, North Carolina-based SnapAV held a grand opening for its new office in Taipei, Taiwan. The new office will facilitate relationships with SnapAV’s overseas vendors and will serve as an extension of their engineering, quality, and product development departments.

“We’re thrilled to open this new location,” said David Moore, vice president of engineering for SnapAV. “In previous trips to Asia, I would travel for days to visit with vendors all over the place. Our new office will help us to be more efficient and focused in our vendor relations so we can place a greater emphasis on creating higher-quality, more innovative products.”

The grand opening reception took place at the new office in the Manhattan district of Taipei. In attendance were SnapAV’s new Taipei team, led by Jerry Hsaio, vice president of Asia Operations, as well as several Charlotte employees including Moore and company CEO, Craig Craze. The team also celebrated with several vendor partners that were in attendance. “We’re dedicated to strengthening our relationships with our partners and are excited to work even closer with them,” added Moore.

“The Taipei office is a major milestone in our company’s history and is evidence of our continued, rapid growth,” said Craze. “As we bring increasingly sophisticated products to market, it is critical that we have in-country business and engineering resources that can work closely with our manufacturing partners. This office is a big step in that direction.”


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