Aiphone caters to various needs in Asian residential market


As the residential market in Asia is still a question mark in certain aspects of demand and growth for the security industry, Aiphone continues to settle in to demand changes and customer needs. Because of the popular trend of stationing security guards at most of the high-rises around Asia, it’s more difficult when compared to other regions to gauge what product growth might be. According to Yoshi Nishiyama, Assistant International Sales Manager for Aiphone, one of the changes in big cities around Asia have lied in video intercom and video door phone systems. “When it comes to luxury apartments and houses around Asia, many have security guards stationed, and as a result, they will not really need security equipment because they already utilize manpower. However, we do believe that will change in the future gradually.”

All-in-all, integration is still the key. Because of the popular trend of building up instead of building around, there are many high rising apartment buildings in Asia. Because of that, product marketing and product growth is centered around systems like intercoms, video door phones, and other aspects of access control. “In the apartment market, the demand of higher security integrations such as integration with access control, CCTV, and lift controls have all increased. One of the new trends is also MEMs, where users can monitor energy consumption via intercom monitors,” said Nishiyama. “People are starting to prefer large monitors, such as 7-inch touchscreens, and for higher levels of security, the demand of wide-angle views are necessary. For luxury markets, big capacities of monitors are also popular.”



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