Navtech Radar to exhibit AdvanceGuard solution for surveillance and PDS at Intersec Dubai 2015


Navtech Radar will showcase its award winning AdvanceGuard solution for wide area surveillance and perimeter intrusion Detection (PIDS) at Intersec 2015. The AdvanceGuard radar technology is suitable for applications in Oil & Gas, Airports, Critical National Infrastructure, Data Centres, Royal Palaces and VIP residences, as well as border security and many more. With more than 17 major airports already using AdvanceGuard, and more under installation, the company’s solution has become the de facto standard in the aviation industry. The AdvanceGuard technology which has been specifically developed to cope with the challenging environmental and climate conditions found in the Middle East will be featured at Intersec 2015. Navtech Radar will further demonstrate the new version of the advanced security control software suite, Witness, at the exhibition which takes place on January 18-20 in Dubai, UAE.

Ian Williams-Wynn, Global Partner Development Manager at Navtech Radar says,”We know from experience that many of the locations requiring advanced security protection in the Middle East are located in geographical areas with very challenging environmental conditions. In many instances the effectiveness of physical barriers is significantly reduced by terrain and location, and in some cases such as VIP residences can be impractical or unwanted. The AdvanceGuard security surveillance solution is an ideal choice as it can cope with any environmental condition, is unobtrusive and can provide unlimited virtual fences and detection zones. Unlike visual image detection systems which can significantly be affected by climatic conditions such as fog, rain, sand storms and changing lighting conditions, AdvanceGuard remains unaffected delivering 24/7, 365 days per year coverage. We have noted an increase in demand for our technology from the Middle East covering a number of industry sectors, so we’re taking the opportunity at Intersec to actively seek partners in designated markets, such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and UAE.”

Navtech’s radar solution facilitates defence in depth, providing early warning and stand-off detection of potential danger and tracks approaching threats before they reach the perimeter, thus gaining valuable time to direct CCTV cameras and manned guards to intercept. This is particularly useful in remote oil & gas facilities as they often need security solutions covering very large geographical areas. The AdvanceGuard solution can be retro fitted to existing layered security solutions which already include PIDs, fence sensors, and CCTV cameras, turning a static linear monitoring system into a real time, wide area surveillance and security solution.


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