Intel announces IoT platform

intel iot

Intel unveiled the Intel IoT Platform, simultaneously introducing a selection of platform-integrated software and hardware products and key partnerships with a number of different system integrators. This offering will serve as part of a collection of building blocks that greatly simplify and improve the efficiency of development and time-to-market deployment for IoT solutions providers.

Companies including Accenture, Booz Allen Hamilton, Capgemini, Dell, HCL, NTT DATA, SAP, Tata Consultancy, Wipro and others have engaged in partnerships with Intel to jointly develop solutions for the platform, establishing a repeatable foundation for IoT product development.

In efforts to address key challenges to IoT product development such as interoperability, security, and connectivity, Intel’s roadmap for platform-integrated software and hardware includes the provision of API management and service creation software, edge-to-cloud connectivity and analytics, intelligent gateways, and scalable IA processors – with special attention to the incorporation of security features.

Products unveiled include:

• Wind River Edge Management System, which provides cloud connectivity to facilitate device configuration, file transfers, data capture, and rules-based data analysis and response, with support for integration of disparate enterprise IT systems.
• Intel® IoT Gateway hardware, which integrates the Wind River Edge Management System via an available agent.
• Big data cloud analytics for IoT Developer Kits, with support for the Intel® IoT Gateway series, Intel® Galileo boards and Intel® Edison Modules.
• Enhanced Security for Intel IoT Gateways, provided by McAfee.
• Enhanced Privacy Identity (EPID) technology, which will be promoted to other silicon vendors. EPID has anonymity properties, in addition to hardware-enforced integrity, and is included in ISO and TCG standards. Designed to provide an on-ramp for other devices to securely connect to the Intel IoT Platform.
• Intel API and Traffic Management solution, which utilizes Intel Mashery solutions to enable creation of building blocks for new software applications.



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