U.S. Cellular launches $99 Alarm.com-based DIY home security/automation system

Cell phone carrier U.S. Cellular’s OnLook Digital System uses Alarm.com’s cloud-based platform for a $199 home automation package with security, CO detector, smoke detector, lighting module, appliance module and smart thermostat under a 2-year, $50/month contract.

U.S. Cellular has officially launched into the home security/home automation business with its OnLook Digital System available via retail stores, online and via phone in Iowa and Tulsa, Okla.

The OnLook Digital System is based on Alarm.com‘s cloud-based platform and is a self-installed home automation and security system that can be managed via a smartphone, tablet or computer. The offering includes three package options available. The base system, called Essential Security, is available starting at $99.99 with a two-year contract at $30/month and includes two door contacts, one motion sensor, a key fob and control panel.

The next level system, dubbed Advanced Security, adds a carbon monoxide detector and a smoke detector. Customers will pay $149 for installation and $40/month in monitoring.

The highest package, called Advanced Security + Energy, adds a smart thermostat, appliance module and lighting module. It sells for $199 with $50/month monitoring.


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