US investment fund To inject $300M Into Vietnam


The IWCC Co, Ltd and Premier United Investment Fund from the US signed a strategic partnership contract in Ho Chi Minh City 22 to inject investment capital into Vietnamese businesses in the coming time.

The move is seen as a step forward strengthening bilateral cooperation and opening up opportunities for foreign investors who want to invest in Vietnam.

Under the signed contract, IWCC will provide financial solutions and trade promotion strategies for local businesses while Premier Untied Fund will perform its role as an investor and provider of capital, corporate administration solutions.

Accordingly, Premier Fund has agreed to invest $300 million in pharmaceuticals, infrastructure-construction and garments and textiles. The company’s investment capital amount will be adjusted over the next three and five years.

At present, IWCC has representative offices in the US, the Republic of Korea (RoK) and is a strategic partner for three foreign investment funds in Vietnam with advantageous fields- hi-tech, energy, environment, health and real estate.

By 2017, IWCC plans to open more representative offices in nations which are investing heavily in Vietnam including Japan, Taiwan (China) and Russia.


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