Melbourne Airport to build $24M VIP terminal

melbourne airport

Australia’s Melbourne Airport is all set to open a new 24h VIP terminal, which will cost around $24 million.

Businessman Paul Little will be building the VIP jet base at Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport after investing close to $10 million for a precinct at the airbase.

According to the plans, the base will be upgraded into a luxury terminal for private jets and will be able to facilitate around ten to 15 private planes.

The Australian Financial Review quoted Little as saying that the construction of the private jet facility to be designed by Cox Architecture will be started within the next six months.

Little said: “We have entertainers, sportspeople, everyone from the prime minister down.

“Currently the services are adequately provided for, but we think with a new facility we can turn it into world-class jet base. We want to make it not only the best fixed-base operator in Australia, but also globally of a higher standard.”

The managing director of Melbourne Aviation Precinct where the base will be located Murray Rance was quoted by Daily Mail Australia as saying: “What it’s going to do is offer a world-class facility that isn’t available in Australia. It will be a far more professional inbound and outbound experience.

“It will have customs clearance, check-in, all the normal things you would have. Plus guest lounges, boardroom facilities and things like bathrooms for people to have showers in.”

International celebrities to have recently visited Australia include Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, the Rolling Stones, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus, reported Billionaires Australia.

(Billionaires Australia)


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