Panasonic to Resell Alastar Solution from SCRA


SCRA today announced its subsidiary, Software Solutions, LLC, entered into a reseller relationship with Panasonic System Communications Company of North America, a division of Panasonic Corporation of North America. Alastar, SCRA’s situational awareness software, complements Panasonic’s suite of hardware solutions. The software will serve as a wide-area integration platform for Panasonic’s market-leading mobile computing (Toughbook/Toughpad), security and surveillance and visual display hardware solutions. This partnership will provide Panasonic customers with a complete solution for integrating sensors across wide areas (cities, counties or transportation systems) and will deliver situational awareness via Panasonic’s mobile computing and command center solutions.

Alastar’s exclusive software assimilates large data sets, disparate systems and social media intelligence into easily-understood geospatial views. The flexible architecture leverages Esri Geographic Information Systems technology, video feeds and real-time data inputs, to provide an all-inclusive, real-time view of an operation. This wide-area situational awareness information can dramatically improve response times and coordination, enabling organizations to more effectively monitor and protect their assets. The unique layering of static and dynamic feeds will provide increased expandability of Panasonic Toughbook computers, greatly enhancing Panasonic’s security and video surveillance offerings.

“Panasonic is a proven leader delivering top-notch, dependable public safety solutions,” said Mark Aukamp, Vice President of SCRA. “Our software will complement and enhance Panasonic’s public safety platforms and command center systems, offering a combined solution to public safety users. We are excited to begin this new endeavor and look forward to a long and successful working relationship.”


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