Bangkok OA expands residential market


According to Arnon Kulawongvanich, GM for Bangkok OA, CCTV systems and intrusion alarms are the two main security systems that residential owners prefer in order to protect their properties.

In general though, the majority of Thailand still utilizes manpower and security guards; especially for high-end villas and condominiums. However, one of the trends noted by Kulawongvanich is that property owners are slowly starting to shift towards both security systems as well as the manpower. They tend to use the systems to both improve security efficiency as well as to track guard service performance at the same time. Of note is the fact that with the increasing of minimum wage in Thailand, more property owners are willing to invest in the system portion and slowly reduce manpower.

As far as alarm monitoring services go, it has been implemented by a few security providers now for almost ten years, according to Kulawongvanich. But it’s still being more widely used for commercial businesses as the combination of monthly product rental and service fees tends to lean more towards that segment. Most residential owners tend to like monitoring systems by themselves, and especially with accessibility available on their mobile phones.

As Kulawongvanich explained, there is currently a trend as well as an opportunity happening for CCTV monitoring services since the network infrastructure has been developing at a steady clip. With easily accessible broadband, ADSL, and 3G and 4G services available in major cities, the shift towards IP systems should also begin to pick up.

(Bangkok OA)


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