Hikvision protects India’s Uka Tarsadia University


Hikvision’s assistance was enlisted to secure Uka Tarsadia University’s newer Maliba Campus in India. The project called for securing the 4,200 students and 200 faculty members on the Indian-based installer Master’s Mind Technologies was contacted to help the university:

• Build a state-of-the-art video surveillance system
• Future-proof the solution
• Provide an easy learning curve for university IT administrators
• Provide top-shelf support for the solution

Ketan Patel, owner of Master’s Mind Technologies noted, “This solution was unique in the sense that the Maliba Campus was a blank slate – the campus did not have any existing CCTV solution when we began.”

Patel and the university’s IT department determined that, despite the size, instead of a more economical analog system, an IP solution would better serve the university’s overall needs. Additionally, it would help future proof the solution in coming years.

Due to the massive distances between academic departments and outdoor surveillance points, fiber-optics were run between these locations and connected to each other using PoE switches. While fiber-optics are expensive, multiple PoE switches helped reduce the costs associated with installation. Importantly, this setup allows state-of-the-art video transmission, as well as providing an easy platform for any future upgrades that the university may request.

The DS-2CD2112-I IP66 Network Mini Dome Camera was primarily tasked with the interior of the campus. Out-of-the-box, the DS-2CD2112-I is equipped with a 4 mm standard lens. This 4 mm lens provides 75° coverage. However, due to the specific dynamics of many of the school’s classrooms, a wider field of coverage was needed. In conjunction with Hikvision engineers, Patel instead placed a 2.8 lens on the DS-2CD2112 to provide 90° coverage.

Citing a need to both reduce the learning curve for the university’s IT department (the operators of the video surveillance system), as well as reduce costs, Patel used Hikvision’s iVMS software to create a PC-based solution. Instead of NVRs, IT administrators are able to view up-to 135 cameras per PC, allowing the entire network to be fully viewed on 4 PCs.



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