Sony keen on 4K and video intelligence in Singapore security market


The security market has been growing in recent years, particularly in Singapore where authorities are keen to maintain the country’s position as one of the safest countries in the world. Riki Nishimura, GM of Visual Security Solutions, Professional Solutions Company (PSAP) at Sony Electronics APAC, comments on the security industry in Singapore.

Singapore’s implementation of the island-wide security cameras and systems in key areas such as train stations, transportation hubs, highways and roads, public housing estates, and even in low lying areas for flood monitoring is evidence for Singapore’s emphasis on security. “In the private sector, we are also witnessing the continuing development of Singapore’s urban landscape with the construction of new shopping malls, office spaces and residential blocks, all of which would require a reliable and stable security system to provide a safe and secure environment for their occupants and guests,” Nishimura explained.

In developed countries such as Singapore, advanced security needs have also led to the introduction of video content analysis (VCA) to help enhance the surveillance process, increase identification accuracy and improve response time. And as security situations become more complex, the need for greater accuracy will also lead to the future adoption of 4K for high resolution detail packed images. This is especially true for wide area surveillance and for detail critical environments such as casinos and banking floors.

“Security is everyone’s responsibility, and as such it has no differentiation between the government and private sector,” Nishimura explained. “Critical infrastructure and tourist sites are only part of the overall security landscape for Singapore, and for any country in the world. There are also other areas where security is equally important, such as city surveillance and disaster monitoring, and in areas beyond the city center in both government and private sectors.”

(Sony APAC)


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