Tygart launches new facial analytics software


Video and photographic analytics firm Tygart has launched a new version of a cloud-based face recognition system which the firm says can better process large video and photo collections.

Tygart’ solution, known as MXSERVER, has the ability to analyse and manage large media collections via the Internet, as well as monitor video surveillance to quickly identify “persons of interest”.

“MXSERVER facial recognition automatically finds, extracts and matches faces from very large media collections, including those stored in disparate or disconnected systems”, wrote the firm.

Improvements in MXSERVER v2.7 include a faster face search and enhanced scalability, and expanded support of additional file types – including SIM cards and video surveillance systems – and partially corrupt content.

It also now supports support for multiple watchlists and face search requests can be submitted in large batches.

John F Waugaman, President of Tygart Technology, said: “Government agencies tasked with the mission of public safety and national defense are confronted with shrinking budgets that limit the resources available for manual forensic video and photo analysis.

“This timesaving video analytics technology enables agencies to search thousands of hours of video footage and millions of photographs housed in big data collections in just minutes.”


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