Crestron Asia announces top management appointment


To lead a team of experienced and passionate professionals, with immediate effect, Mr. Tony Yeung, Director of Crestron Asia, will be moving into a new role as Chairman of Crestron Asia which focuses on strategic initiatives for company growth. Mr. Yeung’s leadership and strong background bring an intimate knowledge to the company; also motivate the team to achieve further success with his guidance.
Mr. Harry Lam is promoted to Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Crestron Asia which oversees all finance, administration and logistics aspects of the company. In this new role, Mr. Lam will be responsible for the alignment and prioritization of company investments, ensuring operational excellence, the best practices and policies are centred on internal and external benefits across the company.

Crestron Asia welcomes to our Board Mr. Stuart Craig, the Crestron Electronics US Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Asia Pacific Region. Mr. Craig oversees business across Australia & New Zealand, China, India, Japan, North East Asia, and South East Asia to contribute his depth of industry experience, level-headed approach and insightful ideas which help lead the company to its next phase of innovation. Specifically Mr. Craig will direct the sales, marketing and support functions
across the Asia Pacific Region. With this forward-thinking team in the leadership position, Crestron Asia is confident to tap on
potential new markets and drive the company’s growth toward its next decades of success and

(Crestron Asia)


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