RETAILTECH JAPAN & SECURITY SHOW to be held in Japan’s largest retail IT and security exhibitions

retailtech japan

Featuring “RETAILTECH JAPAN” and “SECURITY SHOW“, the Nikkei Inc. will concurrently hold Japan’s largest exhibition events of its kind. The “RETAILTECH JAPAN” exhibition will unveil the latest IT systems that advance the state of supply chains and marketing of distribution businesses. “SECURITY SHOW” will introduce security-related products and services that bring the perception of safe communities into reality.

“RETAILTECH JAPAN” will introduce information equipment and systems geared for distribution and retail businesses, such as POS, head office systems, logistics, mobile marketing, and cloud technology. A designated area will be set up to focus on hardware, software, content and networks that relate to digital signage and POP systems. In addition to this, there will be a new event, the “NET & RETAIL BUSINESS FAIR”, which will introduce solutions for online shopping operators, such as site construction supporting systems and digital marketing.

The SECURITY SHOW will introduce products and services that protect the security of our communities from crime and natural disasters, including security cameras, access control systems, and security services. One section will showcase high-resolution security cameras that run on a network. Another section will introduce high-end security wares that protect major facilities from terror and other related risks. Interest in both of these areas is growing rapidly in Japan with the approaching 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Presented collectively as “NIKKEI MESSE,” the Nikkei Inc. is concurrently holding six exhibitions. Admission to all of these exhibitions is free, provided visitors pre-register in advance through the web site.

Dates: Mar. 03 (Tue) – 06 (Fri), 2015
Visitors: 125,000
Exhibit Scale: (RETAILTECH JAPAN) 181 companies/778 booths; (SECURITY SHOW) 175 companies/ 542 booths


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