FLIR APAC partners up to penetrate Chinese Market


FLIR Systems is no stranger to the Chinese market — their thermography products have been present in the country for more than 20 years; however, they have only been present as a security entity for the last 10. In the last three years, FLIR has been focused on developing their distribution channels within China.

As the leader in thermal imaging products, FLIR has recently ventured into daylight surveillance, where they hope their name and product range will help them succeed in this portion of the market. However, competition is obviously intense in the daylight realm; however, FLIR is confident it can penetrate the China market. “We have a very good partner to work with that gives us very good products,” said Paolo Gianni Saranga, Business Development Manager of Security and Surveillance for the Boarder Security Program and Maritime Products in Asia Pacific at FLIR Systems. “We have a very good brand name and lots of solutions. So, when it comes to working on real projects, we actually have the option and the possibility to drive some customers’ requirements in different directions. It allows us to be flexible, but also allows us to find the right price for them.”



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