Alcon: CCTV mandatory policy propels Philippines surveillance market


Established in 1998, Alcon Philippines Technologies and Solutions engage primarily in the design, engineering, integration and supply of various end-to-end systems.

In recent years, the slow economic growth has affected the security market, as low income results in fewer budgets for security. However in the government sector, the growth is still strong due to the demand for national security and safety for citizens. With the APEC Summit coming up, and Pope Francis’ visit last month, more security systems have come in demand, with most of the industries busy preparing for the events.

Moreover, with the ‘No CCTV, no business permit’ policy implemented in major cities in the Philippines, the standard and growth for surveillance systems has greatly improved. “Yes, the policy would help to set standards for surveillance systems for the higher quality of the security in every establishment. The policy will push surveillance growth because it can greatly reduce petty crimes in SMB sectors like supermarkets, convenient stores, etc., and at the same time it helps to contribute security in the public,” explained Zel Ortiz, Sales and Marketing Director of Alcon Philippines Technologies and Solutions.

“The security industry matures almost every day, as we integrate electronics to this field, the security industry then takes a bigger leap. The industry is now open for many possibilities from video surveillance, door access, finger prints, face detection, voice recognition, building management systems, etc. If we look at it on a general basis, it doubles every year,” said Ortiz.

(Alcon Philippines Technologies and Solutions)


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