Beijing shopping mall deployed LILIN surveillance solutions

beijing mall(1)
Wangke Corporation selected LILIN cameras and NVRs to provide security at the BeijingZhongLiangWanKe shopping mall and entertainment centre in Beijing, China. BeijingZhongLiangWanKe shopping mall is one of the largest shopping centres in Beijing city at 155,000sqm., with more than 35 restaurants, 300 shops, office space, and cinemas.

BeijingZhongLiangWanKe shopping mall required a solid security presence in order to keep employees, the general public and properties secure and safe. The key objectives were continuous monitoring of surveillance of storefronts, each store cash register areas, and shopping centre halls.
The mall required high-resolution image detail, while the size of the facillity required a large number of different types of cameras. The shopping mall installed 398 units of LILIN cameras, including camera models of LR6122,LR7722, IPS6224, IPS7224, PIH254, video encoderer VS012, video decoder VD022, and NVR model of NVR116 meet the surveillance needs of shopping centre.
Two-megapixel IR dome (LR6122) and IR bullet cameras (LR7722) feature the design to meet both indoor and outdoor environments. These cameras are perfectly designed for exits, entrances, cashier in stores, public open areas, and car park. LILIN 22X HD megapixel speed dome (IPS6224) and WDR speed dome (IPS7224), deliver clear images in poor lighting conditions. The PoE based NVR the shopping mall adopted supports 16-channel at 1080p playback, and NVR also supports dual-stream recording.

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