HouseLogix release Control4 driver for Honeywell Evohome


Pennsylvania based tech company HouseLogix have released a Control4 driver for the Honeywell evohome system. The driver integrates Honeywell Evohome heating systems into a Control4 system. The Honeywell Evohome is a modular heating system designed specifically for European markets. Radiator heating, underfloor heating and stored hot water. Whether you live in a small apartment or a family home, Evohome can help you take more control of your heating and hot water.

The Evohome system allows customers to mix & match modules for customers’ specific situation and integrate them into their Control4 system. Whether for radiators, baseboard heating units or water heaters throughout the home, the Evohome is a great solution.

The Evohome offers:

  • More comfort – you can easily control the temperature in any room or zone in your home, all from the comfort of your armchair.
  • More control – forget the old days when you had to get home to switch the heating on – with Evohome you can do it from your smartphone.
  • Energy savings – If you have a system that allows you to control where and when you heat your home you are bound to make a difference to your energy bills.

Driver Features:

  • Smart zoning – Control and monitor zones in your Evohome system
  • Hold modes: Off, 2 Hours, Permanent
  • Displays temperature in Celsius
  • Mobile control via smart phone app

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