Pacom optimistic about security market growth in Philippines


Pacom Systems, established in 1983, is an integrated security solutions company in the area of multi-site solutions and campus style environments. In this article, Giridhari Ramamoorthy, Director of Sales and Business Development at Pacom Systems shared his view on the security industry in the Philippines.

In recent years, the security industry has been growing quickly despite economic slowdown, and as the awareness grows for integrated security management solutions, customers appreciate the value such a solution provides. “Since most government projects are infrastructure related, a market slowdown definitely affects this business segment. However, investing in security technologies will happen during downturn as this is critical to an organization,” said Ramamoorthy.

Elections are coming up in 2016, which may interfere with some projects, as some may be moving forward due to government initiative, while some will be put on hold. “The project demand has renewed interest in the FSI segment, with big tickets in the government and gaming sector this year,” Ramamoorthy explained.

The growth in the Philippines holds great potential, with the country looking to move to smart solutions. “This is surely a market that is ready to adopt technology that provides better value, and we see a great potential for our business in the future,” said Ramamoorthy.

(Pacom Systems)


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