Thai’s Digital Focus adds FLIR thermal cameras and Firetide solutions


The exclusive distributor for Hikvision, Digital Focus continues to move up in the high-end project market in Thailand. In order to differentiate itself from others and also consolidate its share in the high-end market, the company has started to represent FLIR thermal cameras and the wireless technologies from Firetide. On the other hand, to maintain its territory in the mid-to-low-end market, Digital Focus also promotes the Jigami (OEM brand) product line from Hikvision to provide market quality products and services, according to Somchai Prajaksoot, MD of Digital Focus.

“We have some projects from SAO in some small cities all over the country as well. There are about 800 projects; and we got around 200 of them. Each SAO got around 1 million Thai Baht for installing eight cameras for surveillance in a village,” Prajaksoot continued.


Although government spending is very important to the security industry, the private sector still plays a very crucial role in Thailand in maintaining its growing momentum, especially when the country experiences social unrest and political upheaval. After all, in 2014, the private sector, such as in retail and commercial buildings, still outperformed the public sector.

Prajaksoot also said, after being awarded projects from PTT, a Thai oil and gas company, which utilizes Digital Focus’ 3G mobile DVRs in their oil & gas trucks, Digital Focus finally experienced a growth at 20 percent last year despite the decreased projects from the government side. Recently, Digital Focus also partnered with AIS, a 3G service provider, with 3G mobile DVRs for AIS customers.


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