Zipato showcases home security kit at CeBit 2015


Zipato demonstrates its Z-Wave interactive video alerting kit, including an IP camera, Zipamini hub, and Multisensor Quad at CeBIT 2015. The Multisensor Quad works as a door/window sensor, temperature meter, illuminance meter and presence detector. The kit is designed for access control, home security monitoring and child care. Users can receive: voice and video alerts when intrusion is detected; messages with photos attached whenever someone enters a door; and a message when no one enters the room in a certain period of time. Users can have customized alerts and create their own home rules. The kit costs $211, and the Zipamini hub costs $105.

Zipato also demonstrates Zipabox, a home automation controller, for the installation market. The product supports ZigBee, Z-Wave, KNX and EnOcean technologies for whole home automation. Backed by its cloud servers, users can have secure and automated homes with light, climate and valve control, and multiple sensors like smoke and presence detectors as well as water, door and window sensors.

Zipato CEO Sebastian Popovic indicated that professionally installation market is still the largest home automation market in Europe. However, he sees the easy DIY products in the retail market as a promising area in the coming years. He believes retailers can be important drivers for the smart home market. He thinks energy-related products like lighting and heating devices can be the most promising categories.


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