offers security on the go with Apple Watch app


While the Apple Watch will handle many other tasks, believes the smart home scenario is one of the most compelling applications of the wearable.

The new Apple Watch, slated for availability April 24, will be able to juggle many tasks—fitness tracking, web surfing, making transactions, and more, but a new app from, created expressly for the Apple Watch, can let homeowners monitor and control the electronic devices and home security system with the flick of the wrist. And we mean this quite literally.

As senior vice president of marketing Jay Kenny explains, by turning your wrist, the app appears on the screen of the watch, showing the status of the home devices. These status report could tell in an instant if the garage door is open or closed, if the security system is armed or not and if someone has unlocked the front door, for example.

The Apple Watch is also a great tool for’s innovative geofencing feature. Currently, the home control platform bases its commands on the location of a user’s GPS-enabled cellphone. With the new app loaded on the watch, the home control system can respond to the location of the watch instead.

While the user is wearing it, it can tell when they are within the appropriate range—perhaps three miles from the house—to kick start the stereo system, porch and foyer lights and furnace, for example.

The user can also receive alerts, based on your proximity to their house. For example, the watch could vibrate to let them know they left a door unlocked or the curling iron on. Then, by just tapping the words “door lock” displayed on the face of the watch, they can lock the door. Another tap might bring up a real-time image captured by a surveillance camera at the front door.

The app leverages the Apple Watch’s unique “at a glance” and “quick touch” features, as well as the form factor of the watch face, says Kenny. Instead of having to load an app or scroll through a menu, the Apple Watch notifies the homeowner, shows them and lets them engage with their smart home devices in seconds.

While the Apple Watch will handle many other tasks, Kenny believes that the smart home and home security systems scenario is one of the most compelling applications of the wearable.

The app will be available for download from the Apple Store when the watch is available. Naturally, watch wearers will need to have an home control system installed in their homes in order to use the app, which is free for the initial download, but afterwards requires a $40-$60 monthly subscription to the service.


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