ECKey introduces the VP1 dual mode reader


ECKey, the market leader in Smartphone Bluetooth readers and access control systems, has announced the release of its VP1 Dual Mode Reader.

ECKey announced the launch of their VP1 “Dual Mode” Reader, which is a complete electronic access control system that eliminates the hassle and expense of panels, cards, readers, software and networks. It works with VIZpin, their cloud-based SaaS (Security as a Service), that lets you send, revoke and monitor electronic keys anytime from anywhere. The VP1 uses long-range Bluetooth so you can mount it in a secure area, away from weather and vandals, or out-of-sight for architecturally and historically-sensitive installations.

Other Bluetooth readers only support Bluetooth Smart (aka Bluetooth Low Energy) devices and may only work with the latest iPhones.

“We have always focused on commercial applications and learned early on that you can’t predict what type of device your employees, visitors, contractors or vendors have. Since 99%+ of the installed devices today have either Bluetooth Classic or SMART, the VP1 has you covered,” commented Paul Bodell, President and CEO of ECKey.

The VIZpin Smart app for iPhone is now available on iTunes or on Google Play for Android devices.


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