Fibaro demos Z-Wave smart home solutions at CeBit 2015

Fibar Group, a Poland-based smart home innovator, showcases a series of Z-Wave based smart home devices at CeBIT 2015, including security and safety sensors, wall plugs, dimmer, roller shutters, relay and RGBW switches. Its award-winning Multisensor, assembling a cat eye, integrates temperature, light and motion sensors and accelerometer. It has different colors of LED indications to show different events like triggered motion or current temperature of a room based on users’ setting. Its smoke sensor features trendy and minimalistic design along with visual and acoustic alarm. With the built-in temperature sensor, it can sense the rapid change of temperature. Users can perform life-saving actions by touching a button on the mobile phone or tablet. The smoke sensor can work at as high as 200 Celsius degree.


The Wall Plug with power metering function can be used to monitor power consumption with consumption history, pie chart of power consumption of all connected devices, and listing of top five devices that consume the most energy at home. Users can create rules to monitor children’s usage of connected devices like game consoles or TVs. With LED ring illumination, the plug can be used as a bedside lamp. The device supports wireless update of new software.

Its systems are compatible with third-party devices like Sonos speaker, Nest thermostat, iRobot and netatmo’s products. Its system can connects to security sensors, cameras, alarm systems, sprinklers, front door, lighting, heating system, and shutters.

The company plans to release Swipe, a slim and hidden gesture control unit, putting behind the wall or under the table. Users can control shutters and lights by swiping hands in different directions. The product is scheduled to release in H2 2015.

Its products feature modularity, miniature form factor, plug-and-play and non-invasive installation. The company emphasizes on installation market by offering complete systems, including central controller, modules, sensors, software and hardware packages.


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