Dubai to introduce automated passport control with facial and iris recognition

General Directorate for Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai is introducing new biometric-based services, including an automated passport kiosk, at this week’s Dubai Government Achievements Exhibition (DGAE) themed Local Government and Global Achievements.

“This exhibition is a national event and part of the government initiative to achieve competitiveness on a global level and strengthening Dubai’s role among developed cities in the world,” said Major-General Mohammed Ahmed Al Marri, Director-General of the GDRFA-Dubai.


The smart gate is an automated and secure system that offers an alternative to the traditional passport control counters at airports, which will help expedite the long queues at security.

Using their electronic passport, Emirates ID, e-gate card, or smartphone, travellers are able to pass through the smart gate in less than 20 seconds with the highest security standards, said Al Marri.

Additionally, travellers will not be required to pre-register to use the smart gate and will only need to have readable passports. The free service will also conduct the iris scan and facial imprint.

GDRFA is also deploying Emartech’s Eye system, which uses iris recognition and facial imprint to determine the traveller’s identity through a single view mechanism.

The system’s facial recognition feature compares a traveller’s face print with the photo on their electronic passport within two seconds.


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