HID Global launches mobile access solution in ANZ market


HID Global has launched the HID Mobile Access solution in the Australian and New Zealand market.

The solution, which harnesses the increasingly popular bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend, uses Bluetooth Smart and NFC-enabled smartphones and other mobile devices as an alternative to keys and smart cards.

HID Mobile Access also makes it possible for users to unlock doors and open gates from a distance using the company’s patented “Twist and Go” gesture technology.

The company has also created a unique and user-friendly HID Secure Identity Service portal. The digital key can be downloaded remotely in real time.

The portal is designed for administrators as they can send users an invitation to download and register a HID Mobile Access App directly to their Bluetooth or NFC-enabled phones so that Mobile IDs can be immediately issued, provisioned or revoked over the air.

Vodafone NZ is the first ANZ customer for HID Mobile Access, having successfully completed an extensive pilot of the technology at its Auckland head office.

It will now fully deploy the HID Mobile Access solution for all its employees from early April, using HID Global’s Mobile IDs, HID Mobile Apps, mobile-enabled iCLASS SE readers, and the HID Secure Identity Services portal.

Vodafone NZ is also planning to use the technology for its contractors who may require occasional access to remote site, to provision and revoke access without the need to issue or collect swipe cards.

“One of the key success measures for Vodafone NZ was the ease of issuing, managing, and revoking Mobile IDs,” says Steve Katanas, director of sales at HID Global.

“The HID Secure Identity Services portal ensures that the process of provisioning Mobile IDs to staff is fast, convenient, and secure.”

The HID Mobile Access solution is powered by Seos technology, which turns smartphones and other mobile devices into trusted credentials.

Seos technology also preserves privacy by enabling Mobile IDs to be issued, delivered, and revoked with end-to-end encryption as part of a unique transaction that protects personal identification data.

With Seos technology at the core of HID Mobile Access, the solution makes it possible to use smartphones and other smart devices for future applications such as PC login, time and attendance, biometrics and EV charging in a unified secure identity system.

(HID Global)

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