Japan’s Narita Airport to increase passport control counters


Japan’s Narita International Airport is planning on doubling the number of passport control counters for passengers arriving at Terminal 2, in order to ease congestion during busy hours.

Located in the Greater Tokyo area of Japan, Narita is the country’s primary airport.

Since the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear plant disasters in 2011, which led to a sharp fall in the international passenger traffic, the airport’s terminal has been alternating between its two immigration control sections.

However, the terminal has lately been seeing a spike in passenger numbers, which has occasionally led to several hundred passengers queuing up to complete their immigration procedure during the busiest hours of the day.

The Japan Times quoted an airport source as saying that the airport will now open both sections of the terminal between 1pm and 5pm and close to 40 counters will be designated to handle both international and domestic travellers.

The decision for increasing the number of passport control counters was taken after discussions between officials from customs, immigration and quarantine services

The airport has a total of three terminals and is the second busiest passenger airport in the country, the busiest air freight hub in Japan and the tenth busiest air freight hub in the world.

The Japan Times said that there had been growing concern about the issue with calls to solve it to prevent international travellers from forming a poor first impression of the country.

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