Security technologies best tool to manage these ever-changing risks in Indonesia


In recent years, the Indonesian economy has shown great potential, so it was not surprising when Ademco set up office three years ago, that they discovered many opportunities. The election year slowed things down a little, but we are still seeing amazing levels of demand for security solutions in Indonesia.

“Many established security solution providers are hesitant to fully commit to the market, and it is often because of relative lack of confidence in the consistency of government policies, and the unfamiliarity with local way of doing business. We are quietly confident of our progress in the Indonesian market, as we have done projects via local partners in the Indonesian market for a decade before we set up our own offices. We do expect double digit growth for ourselves, and the security market,” said Patrick Lim, Groups Sales and Marketing Director of Ademco. There are many factors to consider as Indonesia is a very dynamic market, which is usual for any market with great potential, and with it comes a certain level of uncertainties and risks. It is a market that requires a lot of attention and dynamic management, explained Lim.

With the election out of the way, and the peaceful forming of the new government, a lot of confidence has returned to the market and stability has been restored. As businesses look forward to the next few years, there will be investments and demand for security solutions and services naturally. President Widodo has promised significant infrastructure works for Indonesia. That can only be a good thing to unleash the potential of this wonderful country, and naturally create more business opportunities for the security industry.

The world now is in a different era, where everything is highly connected. Terrorism, crimes, social unrest, and economic threats are global issues now, and Indonesia is equally exposed to these trends. “It is vital to understand that many economies are still at the early part of a learning curve to tackle new security threats, and the use of security technologies is the greatest tool in the hands of governments and businesses to manage these ever-changing risks,” Lim concluded.

(Ademco Security)


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