Alstom to deliver Citadis trams for Shanghai Songjiang Tramway in China

PR-Thailand Steam Turbines_April2015

Shanghai Alstom Transport (SATCO) has received a $76 million contract from Shanghai Songjiang Tramway Investment and Operation to deliver 30 Citadis trams for the two first tramway lines of Songjiang, one of the suburban districts of Shanghai. SATCO is a joint venture between Alstom and Shanghai Rail Traffic Equipment Development (SRTED). Songjiang district is set to build six tramway lines that will cover a total of 800km by 2020 and the two first lines, T1 and T2, will cover a total distance of 3km connecting 42 stations.

Alstom said this is the first tramway project with Alstom Citadis technology in China. The new lines will benefit from 30 Citadis trams.

Alstom Transport China managing director Fang Ling said: “Alstom will contribute to this ambitious tramway development plan with its worldwide experience and expertise in tram technology.”

Scheduled to start operation by 2017, the first two tramway lines are expected to transport 173,000 people a day.

For this project, SATCO will manufacture the Citadis trams, while Alstom will provide the traction systems, bogies and the train control and monitoring system (TCMS).

The Alstom sites in France such as La Rochelle, Villeurbanne, Le Creusot and Tarbes will be responsible for TCMS software, hardware, bogies and technical support to the power modules respectively.

Alstom’s Sesto facility in Italy will also be providing technical support to the traction inverters, the company stated.

Meanwhile, Alstom has secured an order to supply an additional five new Citadis trams to Bordeaux Métropole. With this order, Bordeaux will now own a fleet of 105 trams.



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