Bosch to Launch ZigBee, Z-Wave, Cloud Service for Security, Home Automation at ISC 2015


Bosch Security Systems, Inc. delivers significant benefits to integrators and end users with new products that maximize security, safety and convenience. At ISC West 2015, Bosch will introduce the new G Series, a powerful multifunctional security control panel that provides combined UL intrusion and fire functionality along with door control and essential video surveillance functions for commercial applications. Bosch will also launch new intelligent IP surveillance solutions, and Cloud-based Services that enable central stations to tap into the growing video monitoring market. With these security solutions, Bosch offers innovative technology for connected systems.

“Customers need technology solutions that allow them to capitalize on key market trends, and increased connectivity is going to make a significant impact on the security industry in the future,” said Brian Wiser, President of Sales – North America, Bosch Security Systems, Inc. “End users want systems that are easier to use, seamlessly integrated, and accessible from mobile devices. Integrators need technology that gives them a competitive edge through more functionality and lower installation costs, which helps them to generate additional revenue streams. The answer to both demands is connected security systems, and Bosch continues to release new offerings to meet this growing need.”

Greater security and greater control – all-in-one system solution
Introducing the company’s most powerful control panel yet, the new G Series provides an integrated security solution for large commercial applications. Approved for combined UL commercial intrusion and fire applications, it also features integrated control of 32 doors with up to 2,000 card holders, direct IP video camera control, as well integration with Z-Wave smart home devices. The panels offer complete and flexible security solutions with only one system to learn, install and maintain. Users furthermore benefit from an integration with the Video Management System from Bosch, and a free app that provides remote system control and video viewing – all while experiencing a low total cost of ownership and intuitive operation. More information on the Remote Security Control app is available at

A range of compatible peripherals include the new Commercial Series intrusion detectors, which again raise the bar in commercial intrusion detection. These new detectors deliver excellent catch performance for all commercial and high-security applications, while minimizing costly false alarms. Unique features available only from Bosch ensure accurate, reliable performance while speeding installation up to 25 percent. In addition, Bosch will show the industry’s first dual-technology wireless motion detector using ZigBee connectivity.

Expanding its offerings with solutions for the emerging smart home market, Bosch will also demonstrate its new Z-Wave Home Control Gateway at ISC West. The gateway allows integrators to connect G Series and B Series Control Panels from Bosch with a large variety of Z-Wave wireless devices – including lighting controls, door locks, temperature sensors, IP cameras and more – to provide their customers with automation and remote monitoring capabilities.

Intelligent IP video solutions
With the FLEXIDOME IP panoramic 7000 MP camera, Bosch launches a new multi-megapixel panoramic indoor camera which delivers the highest quality of IP video images available in the market. Built-in market-leading intelligent analytics, including i-LIDS primary detection system, ensure that relevant information is delivered efficiently whether for live viewing or post-event forensic analysis. Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction (IDNR) ensures the highest quality of image is delivered to the user with the most efficient use of bandwidth. The new full 180-degree or 360-degree cameras deliver 12 megapixel sensor resolution at 30 frames per second, minimizing blinds spots and giving the user the bigger picture. FLEXIDOME IP panoramic 7000 MP is designed with the installer and user in mind. Its twist-click installation concept minimizes commissioning time, and its low-profile form factor ensures it can be positioned discretely without impacting environmental aesthetics.

In addition, the DINION IP ultra 8000 MP camera with 4K ultra HD technology is now available with a choice of telephoto lenses up to 75 mm for long distance identification, which makes it ideal for facial recognition applications over longer distances at significantly lower system cost than standard solutions in the market. The camera is a perfect solution for stadiums and arenas, transportation terminals and other environments requiring large area surveillance. Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) alerts users when pre-defined alarms are triggered. IVA technology from Bosch enriches a surveillance solution by adding sense and structure to video material already at the edge to ensure effortless forensic searches and minimal false alarms.

Bosch also offers a comprehensive portfolio of IP cameras that make it easy for small and midsized organizations to set up professional surveillance solutions. And now, this portfolio includes the new FLEXIDOME IP panoramic 5000 MP camera. The lowest profile 360-degree dome design available on the market combines a five megapixel sensor resolution at 15 frames per second with a fish-eye lens to provide a complete overview, eliminate blind spots, and allow easy capture of moving objects indoors or outdoors.

Expanding its range of motion control cameras, Bosch also launches new AUTODOME IP pan-tilt-zoom cameras to help operators locate, track and zoom in on details. With three new models, the company now offers a solution to meet every need and budget. The AUTODOME IP 4000 HD is designed for indoor applications that demand the right balance between aesthetics and performance. The AUTODOME IP 5000 HD is ideal for indoor or outdoor applications where HD object identification up to 190 meters and object detection of up to 1900 meters is required. Its superior privacy masking makes the AUTODOME IP 5000 HD ideal for monitoring public areas without compromising the privacy of individuals. The AUTODOME IP 5000 IR features a built-in intelligent IR beam to deliver the highest image clarity in extreme low light situations or even in complete darkness.

Bosch IP cameras feature Content Based Imaging Technology (CBIT), which continuously and dynamically adjusts camera settings based on movement and light intensity to ensure the highest quality of relevant images anytime, anywhere. Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction, a part of CBIT, lowers bitrate at the source by up to 50 percent, which significantly reduces storage costs and network strain without compromising video quality. Bosch IP cameras are also fully supported by Dynamic Transcoding technology. This ensures users stay connected with remote access to camera controls, live video streams, recordings, and HD images, regardless of available bandwidth.

The IP cameras work seamlessly with security software and recording solutions from Bosch and many other industry providers. This is backed by ONVIF conformance (Open Network Video Interface Forum) and the Integration Partner Program (IPP), which provides access to software development tools to easily integrate Bosch products with third-party systems. At ISC West, Bosch will demonstrate integration of its latest cameras and technologies with security software solutions from Exacq, Genetec, Milestone Systems and OnSSI.

Cloud-based Services
With new Cloud-based Services from Bosch, central monitoring stations can now take advantage of the growing trend of video monitoring. The Bosch solution brings state-of-the-art video surveillance to central monitoring stations while greatly reducing the costs and risks associated with new technology deployments. Partner central monitoring stations are able to provide remote video verification, video guard tours, and assistance and surveillance services to their dealers and their direct small and midsized business customers. The software as a service solution is hosted and maintained by Bosch – eliminating any upfront investment in software, servers or IT maintenance personnel – and is integrated with the alarm management platform.

(Bosch Security)

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