Australia to install SmartGates at major international airports


Australia has struck an $18 million deal with Portuguese smart-gate manufacturer Vision-Box for the installation of 92 facial recognition terminals in international airports by July 2016. The SmartGates will be installed at all international airports in the country for departing passengers that will give customs and border protection officials more free time to carry out security work.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said that the deployment of the gates would allow border authorities more time to properly identify suspicious people and those trying to leave the country to join overseas terrorist groups, reported

With the use of the smart-gates, eligible travellers will have an option to self-process through passport control which provides a more secure and efficient way to clear through passport control.

The gates makes use of data in a passenger’s ePassport and face recognition technology to carry out customs and immigration checks that are usually conducted by a Customs and Border Protection officer.

People who are above 16 and hold an ePassport from countries including Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the US and Singapore are eligible to use the SmartGates.

Under trial arrangement, people holding Switzerland, Canadian or Irish ePassport and aged 16 years or over and people aged 10-15 years old and are travelling with a minimum of two adults holding Australian ePassport can also make use of the technology under trial arrangements.

The Sydney airport might install the smart gates by June this year, reported the Australian Business Traveller.

The 92 gates will be installed at eight of Australia’s largest international airports including those in Sydney along with Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Cairns and the Gold Coast.


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