India’s Coimbatore Airport to get infrastructure upgrades


India’s Coimbatore International Airport will soon get infrastructure and passenger amenities worth more than $2.29 million  this year. The infrastructure would include two new aerobridges, two additional aprons for parking aircrafts and a lift at the departure area, reported The Hindu.

Out of the total amount, around $1.42 million would be invested on the two aerobridges that will be set up at both ends of the terminal building.

While most of the planes operating at the Coimbatore airport are small in size, the bigger aircrafts are unable to use the existing aerobridges because of parking and operational limitations.

The two new bridges will be in addition to the two existing ones that came from the old Hyderabad airport in 2012.

The airport plans to install the aerobridges in anticipation of the increase in demand with the arrival of bigger aircrafts.

The Airport Authority of India (AAI) headquartered in the country’s capital, New Delhi, has already floated the tender for the aerobridges.

The materials are expected to reach in the next few days following which the airport will start the installation in three months, said the Hindu.

Currently the airport has eight aprons for aircrafts and the additional aprons would see an investment of $0.82m (Rs5.2cr) as there was a requirement of a total of 15 aprons at the airport, the Hindu quoted an official as saying. The tender for the new aprons will be floated soon.

The airport is also planning to construct an elevator at the departure area to connect the restaurant at the first floor, work for which is expected to be completed in the next six months.



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