Panasonic to launch economical 4K surveillance camera


Panasonic is set to launch a 4K surveillance camera, at an industry event at True 4k Roadshow 2015, Tower of London, which the company says will deliver greater coverage at a lower cost. The WV-SFV781L dome camera delivers ‘True 4K’ image quality and resolution at both the centre and the corners of the image.

Offers strong low light performance

Aimed at applications such as intersections, airports, railway stations, car parks, factories, warehouses and port facilities, where a large number of cameras are required to provide full coverage, the camera’s sensor offers strong low light performance and covers a 16-100 degree field of view, with no lens exchange required.

The True 4K camera can cover a view four times larger than 1080p cameras, and a view nine times larger than 720p cameras. It can also cover two and three times the distance of 1080p and 720p cameras respectively.

“When taking into account brackets, cabling, wall mounts and other operational costs associated with installing a CCTV camera, switching to 4K can significantly reduce costs,” said Gerard Figols, European Head of Product Marketing, Panasonic Security. “We estimate that costs could be reduced by as much as 50 per cent, as one Panasonic 4K camera offers the image quality and coverage of four full HD cameras.”

Panasonic 4K cameras – less hardware to manage and maintain

“A large shopping centre car park, for example, requires vehicle model, colour and licence plate identification as well as people monitoring. A 50,000 square metre car park would require a total of 70 HD cameras to provide effective coverage, whereas it would only require 21 Panasonic 4K cameras; that’s significantly less hardware to manage and maintain,” Figols added.

The 1/1.7 type sensor, in combination with the Panasonic True 4K F1.6 lens, achieves low light performance at just 0.3 lux in colour or 0.03 lux in black and white mode, making it the best performing 4K class surveillance camera.

The camera also has Smart IR-LED making it possible for clear and sharp pictures at 0.0 lux across the whole 4K image. The rain wash coating helps reduce maintenance costs and helps avoid the effect of the drops and dust.

Virtual PTZ operation allows the user to focus on one smaller area in view whilst still recording the whole area, so no event is missed in mission critical applications.



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