Moscow and Beijing metros partner to offer better metro services


Moscow and Beijing metros have signed an agreement on cooperation and partnership to improve the quality of passenger service in the regions. The agreement was signed by Moscow Metro head Dmitry Pegov and Beijing Transport Authority vice-president Chen Xilin at the 80th anniversary of Moscow Metro.

The deal, which aims to provide joint technical studies and experience and information sharing, will cover areas such as operational safety, equipment and facility maintenance, energy-efficiency and business management.

“The Moscow Metro is one of the world’s fastest developing metros.”

Additionally, the project will include decorating public transport spaces, conducting joint cultural events and other activities for the benefit of metro passengers in these regions.

The Moscow Metro currently operates 12 lines of 327.5km of tracks and 196 stations, while on an average more than 8.5 million passengers travel each day.

Moscow mayor Sergey Sobyanin said: “The Moscow Metro is one of the world’s fastest developing metros.

“It never stands still. It is constantly evolving, modernizing and expanding, while at the same time maintaining its high-level and quality.

According to Sobyanin, the city intends to build a new ring line and extend radial lines.

Additionally, the metro is being integrated with surface and rail transit, while dozens of transit hubs are being designed which will provide comfortable transfers between different modes of transport.


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