Secom’s new security drone trails and records intruders


Security firm Secom has debuted a drone that will automatically launch when it detects an intruder, and follow the individual while sending video to security supervisors.

The Japanese security company revealed the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) during the International Drone Expo. The drone features a high-definition camera and several sensors, and can link with an intrusion detection system that sends beams of laser light along the perimeter of a secure space. The drone will immediately take off from a nearby charging station when the detector senses motion.

The UAV will have the ability to send real-time video of an intruder or a vehicle and its license plate to a Secom security center for analysis. The drone will not leave the premises; however, it will record imagery of intruders leaving the site, according to Secom executives.

The drone only has about 10 minutes of flying time due to its battery live, but it will automatically return to its station to recharge.

Secom will initially offer the UAV to businesses in Japan, such as shopping malls and supermarkets with large parking lots, because they have space big enough to warrant a flying security camera.

The security firm plans to offer the machines on a monthly rental basis to enterprise users as part of its security services, which include traditional intrusion alarms and security guards.

Secom expects to release the drone in June 2015.

This isn’t the company’s first foray into the robot security solutions market. About a decade ago, Secom developed Robot X, a scooter-sized, mobile droid that can autonomously patrol an area, record imagery and release clouds of smoke to ward off intruders.

(PC World)

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