Bangladesh’s Shahjalal Airport to get $1.57B makeover


The Bangladeshi Government is planning to spend an estimated $1.57 billion on the construction of a new terminal and a second runway at the Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka. The expansion project is being planned to increase the airport’s efficiency and passenger handling capacity.

Currently, the airport operated and maintained by Civil Aviation Authority, Bangladesh (CAAB) has an annual passenger capacity of eight million.

According to undisclosed sources, the airport had completed preliminary procedures for the construction of the new terminal and will float an international tender for its construction in December.

Out of the total amount, an estimated $1.28 billion will be spent on the terminal and the expenditures related to its construction, while the rest will be invested in the second phase construction of the airport’s second runway.

It is still unclear whether the funding will come from CAAB or through a public-private partnership.

The working plan for the expansion has been developed by CAAB following receipt of an approval from the Prime Minister’s Office in May.

The third terminal, which is planned to be modeled on Singapore’s Changi airport terminal, will be constructed on 130 acres of land situated on the space between the runway and the taxiway near the Central Engineering Maintenance and Stores Unit.

CAAB third terminal building coordinator MA Malek said consultancy firms have already prepared their report on the project and have been ordered to submit the same by 30 June.

There are also plans to build a second runway on the west side of the existing runway later.

According to the master plan prepared by South Korea’s Yushin, Singapore-based CPG and the local Design Development Consultancy, the first phase of construction will start this year and be completed by 2019.

The three firms had been selected to develop a master plan for the airport’s expansion following a tender floated almost a year ago.

“Within 90 days of getting the report from the three firms, the CAAB authority will invite tender regarding this.

“Presently, hundreds of flights are leaving and landing at the airport; for which, a huge pressure is created on the existing two terminals. If the third one is built, then it would help to ease some pressure.” Malek said.


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