Changi airport to temporarily close one runway for terminal expansion


Singapore’s Changi Airport is likely to temporarily shut down one of its two runways by 2019 to facilitate the construction of terminal 5. A third runway is currently under construction and will be completed by the time the second runway closes.
A few delays can be expected during the closure of the runway. The airport hopes to have three functional runways by 2020.

A Singapore transport ministry spokesperson was quoted by The Straits Times as saying : “This requires runway 3 to be first completed and operational, after which runway 2 will be closed temporarily, to allow for works such as underground tunnelling and the construction of additional rapid-exit taxiways.”

The new runway will be constructed at a distance of 1.6km from the airport’s three existing terminals.

Changi has also roped in UK-based NATS to make a transition from a two to three runway airport.

The airport is constructing the new terminal on 1,080ha of reclaimed land in Changi East.

Scheduled to open in 2025, the terminal is expected to have an annual capacity of 50 million passengers with provisions for further expansion to 70 million.

The addition of the new terminal will help the airport handle 135 million passengers annually.

The airport is also working on its ambitious Project Jewel that will cost around $1.5bn. The project is aimed at connecting the three terminals through glass-enclosed walkways and having a glass and steel dome-shaped space and indoor waterfalls.



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