Thailand Authorities to launch consultation on security guard regulation


Thailand’s National Legislative Assembly is reportedly about to begin consultations over a bill for regulating security guards. The bill shall stipulate mandatory standards that security services companies are expected to comply with.

The qualification required for security guards must possess to become eligible for employment is going to be stated in the bill apart from establishing a committee to effectively regulate the functioning of security guards. The national police chief is going to be at the helm of the committee.

The committee’s ex-officio members list is going to feature the director-general of the Provincial Administration Department, director-general of the Labour Welfare and Protection Department, secretary-general of the Consumers Protection Board, director of the Office of the Judiciary, director of the Armed Forces Security Centre and director of the War Veterans Organisation of Thailand.

The operating license, under the bill, for a firm offering security guard services, shall remain valid for four years and can be further renewed as well.

However, the mandatory qualification to be accepted as a security guard is Mathayom 3 (Grade 9) with the person being of Thai nationality. The said person must also hold the completion certificate of a course to be designed by the Royal Thai Police and delivered at a duly approved training centre.

The security guard who fulfils all the aforementioned eligibility conditions shall be issued a license to work as a security guard for the duration of 3 years which shall be renewed once the guard’s past performance is found to be satisfactory enough.

Existing security companies under the new bill are allowed a maximum of 120 days to apply for license after the new law is notified. The existing security guards, on the other hand are allowed a maximum of 90 days to do so.

The total number of existing security guards in Thailand hovers is in the range of 250,000-300,000 out of which only 60% are known to have obtained a Prathom 6 education, whereas another 15% are qualified till the Mathayom 3. Another 15% of these security guards have a higher level of high school education.



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