ZKAccess unveils latest multi-boimetric finger vein, fingerprint reconition reader


ZKAccess announces the release of its FV 350, the industry’s first multi-biometric finger vein and fingerprint recognition access control reader. FV 350 is uniquely capable of capturing and processing both finger vein and fingerprint biometric data simultaneously. Ergonomic, intuitive and highly secure, FV 350 is leading the way to a new era of enhanced security with biometrics.

Enrollment and authentication is fast and easy. In one quick step, authorized users simply press their finger on FV 350’s combination finger print/vein sensor. The FV 350 will then subsequently illuminate the user’s finger vein pattern and capture both their finger vein and fingerprint minutiae points. FV 350 then converts the unique points into biometric templates. The vein and fingerprint templates are then stored in the FV 350 database for subsequent identification and verification.

Key FV 350 features include an intuitive graphical user interface and touch screen display for a rich user experience, and advanced access control functions based on time zones, groups and unlock combinations. The FV 350 can store up to 1000 vein and 1000 fingerprints and identify users in less than two seconds. Complete access control functionality is built into the FV 350. It can operate with or without a dedicated computer or access control panel. Access credentials are flexible since FV 350 supports multi-factor authentication.  A user can authenticate with a single (or combination) finger vein, fingerprint and/or password.

“Adding biometric protection to some or all of a customer’s doors is simple, because ZKAccess biometric readers work with the customer’s existing panels and software,” notes Larry Reed, CEO, ZKAccess. “Our solutions safeguard their previous security investment while enhancing it with new, highly reliable biometric technologies.”


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