DIGIEVER NVR now certified with ImmerVision Standard for 360° images display


DIGIEVER announces that DIGIEVER NVR has been certified ImmerVision Enables, the 360° Video Standard. DIGIEVER customers are able to select certified 360° panomorph cameras and lenses from DIGIEVER compatibility list in which DIGIEVER has integrated over 100 network camera brands and more than 3,600 IP camera models.

ImmerVision Enables certification ensures DIGIEVER’s ability to display 360° images captured by cameras equipped with certified panomorph lenses. The complete integration between DIGIEVER and ImmerVision Enables allows users to select appropriate viewing modes from 360°panomorph bird eye view, 180° panorama/ perimeter view, quad and more. On both liveview and playback interface, users can monitor all areas within the image without any blind spots but also navigate to see any detail within the image via digital zooming into specific areas. In addition, users are able to directly install any brand of certified ImmerVision Enables 360° panomorph lenses on IP camera that is compatible with DIGIEVER NVR to capture all actions around the camera, which greatly saves user’s installation time to deploy IP video surveillance system.

“DIGIEVER delivers effective video surveillance by providing the necessary features for optimum video coverage.” said Joel Schaffer, Manager, Business Development, OEM/ODM Video Surveillance Applications at ImmerVision. “Instant compatibility with 360° panomorph IP cameras allows their user to get the best 360° video coverage simply and quickly.”

“As the leading company of IP video surveillance open platform system, we are dedicated to integrating diverse software technology and IP cameras, especially ImmerVision Enables, 360° panomorph dewarping standard.” said Allen Tseng, Product Director of DIGIEVER. “We believe our fully integration with ImmerVision will give customers enough freedom to select the best IP video surveillance solution.”


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