Suprema unveils multi-door control module for expandability


Suprema, a global leader in biometrics and security, announced the release of DM-20, a secure door control module designed to provide secure connection to multiple peripherals from Suprema devices.
DM-20 provides BioStar 2 with versatility and expandability for system designers to design and deploy centralized access control systems. The module combined with any Suprema access control terminal can function as a secure central controller. It allows a simple and easy upgrade to a smart access control system and utilizes existing RS485 or Wiegand networks without the need of establishing a new IP-based network. Additional DM-20 units can be connected via a daisy chain configuration to support up to 32 doors in combination with Wiegand readers or Suprema devices.

Each module features a RS485 connection, 2 wiegand in/out ports and up to 4 relay ports for a wide array of installation applications. The 2 Wiegand ports can be used to connect 3rd party readers that can be set up as doors within BioStar 2. The module supports 4 TTL inputs and an additional 4 supervised inputs that detect the voltage flow on the circuit and allow the system to monitor input devices.

“DM-20 delivers ultimate flexibility to system designers and installers,” said Young S Moon, VP of Suprema. “Its functions expand the ability of Suprema terminals to accommodate mid to enterprise level access control needs, and enhance security by replacing the conventional systems with biometrics or smart reader controllers.”

DM-20 is a BioStar 2 exclusive accessory and will support all BioStar 2 compatible devices and accessories. DM-20 is now available worldwide.


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