Thales to deliver integrated security solution for Oman’s Muscat and Salalah airports

oman airport

Oman’s Ministry of Transport & Communications has selected Thales to deliver an integrated security solution for installation in two of its newest airports in Muscat and Salalah.

Thales, as the master system integrator (MSI) for both airports, will provide a high technology integrated security solution that will be managed by an airport operation control center.

The solution will include perimeter intrusion detection system, video protection system, access control, screening equipment, security check points, access and backbone network along with data centres to ensure high performance and quality of services.

Additionally, Thales will take over the responsibilities related to testing of new technologies, training operators and developing new procedures, contributing to the airports’ over-all operations.

The deal is expected to interconnect the airports through hub development with inter-operability and service support for security stakeholders.

Claimed to be Oman’s largest infrastructure project, Muscat International Airport’s new terminal is expected to have a capacity of over 12 million passengers a year. It is expected to contribute to the development of the tourism industry in the kingdom.

Salalah’s new airport will have an initial annual capacity of one million passengers

The airport entered into operational services on 15 June this year but will be officially opened this November.

As a global airport security solutions provider, Thales has also secured the airports in Dubai and Doha, the new commercial port in Doha and oil and gas sites in Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Iraq and Eurasia.

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