Foundation Tech wins Beijing International Capital Airport’s runway renovation contract

beijing airport

Beijing International Capital Airport has selected Foundation Tech, a US-based consulting and repair contractor, to provide soil stabilisation and foundation repair solutions for PEK Airport runways. As part of the runway renovation project, Foundation Tech conducted onsite tests to finalise on a viable alternative for slab lifting and void fill caused due to severe drought conditions over the past six years in Beijing.

The project, which is expected to be completed in six months, will use HMI’s RR401 heavy lift geotechnical foam to level the affected slabs as well as fill the voids along the entire runway.

It is estimated that over 120,000lb of foam will be required to complete the project.

The severe draught condition has resulted in the formation of large cracks in the subsoil directly underneath the Beijing Capital Airport, extending over 2.3km.

The fracture that crosses directly beneath two of the airport’s three main runways, causing severe damages to the 60-90cm deep concrete runway and taxiway slabs causing unsafe conditions for airport vehicle traffic, aircraft landing and taxiing along the affected areas.

Recently, the airport, as part of its efforts to increase capacity and ease traffic congestion, announced that a new fourth runway will enter operational service in 2018.

The airport currently handles 89 flights hourly during peak hours, and the new fourth runway is expected to bring the flights to up to 115.

The airport recently renovated its oldest runway, which has been operating since 1958.


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