Panasonic releases video intercom system for Malaysian residential market


Panasonic launched a new line of video intercom systems targeting the residential market in Malaysia at the recently concluded IFSEC South East Asia trade show.
Termed the VL – V900 series, new systems target the mid to high level market, which includes apartments and condominiums.

Panasonic said that the new video intercom system’s main features include high scalability, easy and low cost installation, and safe and convenient maintenance function.

“With the introduction of Panasonic new range of video intercom systems, we aim to further expand our coverage into the condominiums and apartment business, enhancing our brand name in the home security market,” said Cheng Chee Chung, MD of Panasonic Malaysia.

“In line with our global slogan, ‘A Better Life, A Better World’, we also want to offer Malaysians a sophisticated and efficient system to secure their homes. We believe in providing comfort and convenience to our consumers.”


1. Highly Scalable System

• The VL-V900 Video Intercom is a highly scalable system that supports multiple entry points by connecting up to 3 lobby stations and 560 room monitors in a single block. Should the development require more than 560 rooms, a second VL-V900 system can be connected to cater for a greater capacity. Integrated to the PBX system, a seamless connectivity at the guard house is made available to enable communication with residents.

2. Enhances security within the apartment / condominium premises

• The VL-V900 offers 3 levels of monitoring before the visitor reaches the intended unit. First at the guard house, second at the lobby station located at the entry to each block and third at the door entrance to the individual units. This feature enhances the overall security within the apartment premises by monitoring the movement of visitors.

• Snap shot of the visitor will be taken each time the door bell is pressed. The images are stored and can be viewed at any time to trace the movement of visitors, when needed.

• Integration with video surveillance System allows residents to monitor common areas within the apartment premises or car park, thus promoting convenience.

• Integration with PBX (Telephone System) allows residents to intercom the guard house with a simple push of a button in case of an emergency or to raise a complaint. Vice versa the guard house will also be able to contact the individual units through this system.

• Integration with mobile phone or tablets (iOS or Android base) via Wi-Fi connectivity enables residents to answer and open the door through their smart devices while within the apartment premises. When away from the apartment, a notification via email will be sent to residents to notify them of the visitor.

3. Easy and Low Cost Installation

• As compared to the traditional intercom system, the VL-V900 offers a more simple, easy and cost effective installation. Using a simple 2 wire cable connectivity, it offers an easy way to link up rooms in one location using a PC. Alternatively, it can also be set-up with a room monitor in every room.

4. Safe and Convenient Maintenance Function

• System maintenance is kept simple and convenient with a self-diagnostic function to identify errors when they occur.

• Hardware changes are also easily managed with the uniquely designed re-link features which is convenient and time saving.

• For audit purposes, a log function is also built-in to trace data of visitors with images that are captured with a date stamp

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